Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Photo Society

Very happy and seriously humbled to be in such great company, on the web site of The Photo Society : "a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic magazine, committed to telling the world's stories through pictures."


onychorrhexis said...

Nice clicked done by you here!Amazing picture and researched picture.The online home of National Geographic Magazine. Resource for photography, research, updates, news, global issues, geography, maps, and video.

Palomo's Secret Garden :) said...

I saw this pic on Facebook, I couldn't help to find the one who took it and see more of your art work, amazing pictures!! Congratulations Matthieu, this picture is beyond amazing, it's scary, but it blows my mind. Where did you study photography? God bless your eyes, Eye-Eater :-)

Anonymous said...

Cette photo est tout simplement une merveille.

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