Friday, May 11, 2012

Pamir Book - week 1

Pamir - Forgotten on the roof the world
This is the story of a book that took its time to come alive ; over 10 years of my life with a continuing obsession: the remote mountains of High Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan). We just finished the layout – over 220 images in a 256 pages book, published at the Edition de la Martiniere (as well as a co-edition in Germany and in US to come). Every week, I will put 1 or 2 images (with the story behind), until the publication of the book at the end of September 2012.

Pamir - Oubliés sur le Toit du Monde.
C’est l’histoire d’un livre qui a mis du temps à naitre ; plus de 10 ans de ma vie avec une obsession: les montagnes reculées de la Haute Asie (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan). Nous venons de terminer la mise en page du livre – plus de 220 images pour 256 pages, publiés aux Editions de la Martinière (ainsi qu’une co-edition en Allemagne et aux US à venir). Chaque semaine, je mettrais une ou 2 images (avec leur histoire) qui apparaitront dans ce livre, jusqu’à sa sortie fin Septembre 2012.

5000m, Irshad pass: la ou tout a commencé: un pied en Afghanistan, un pied au Pakistan. Entre Pamir et Karakoram, j’y suis retourné 7 fois.
5000m, Irshad pass: this is where it all began: one foot in Afghanistan, one foot in Pakistan. Between Karakoram and Pamir, I went back 7 times.

Mareile + moi + notre ane Clémentine. Col de Karumbar pass, pendant notre lune de miel, Pakistan, 2004
Mareile + I + donkey Clémentine – we are honeymooning. Karumbar pass, Pakistan, 2004


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the publication of the book at the end of September 2012.

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I need a practical guide in few words to start a book. The main thing i need is what to do when the stuff is ready.. Can u tell right from book on desk till book on shop.
In simple words "how to get book published"?
Thanks ahead !

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